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Why Should You Outsource?

Outsourcing is a great way to achieve your business goals efficiently. Oftentimes, companies tend to manage all of their work inhouse. Which might be fruitful in the longer run given that the company is ready to spend extensive time and money on their resources to turn them into experts. But that is not always the case and usually firms with the inhouse approach tend to incur issues when it comes to the quality-based delivery of work. Outsourcing can alleviate this problem.

The cost to outsource a particular task is always less than the money you would lose in lost time and playing the trial and error game. With outsourcing, you pay a fee to someone who is already a master at the given job, basically paying a small amount of the money you would waste doing it yourself and receiving a quicker return on that expenditure.

Finally, time is an ever-moving entity, and the loss of time working on your area of expertise while attempting to learn how to do the miscellaneous grunt work of a company cannot be adequately quantified.

Benefits of Outsourcing


By outsourcing, a company is given the flexibility to manage & transition a huge part of their business infrastructure with minimal risks as it will mostly be managed and operated by the outsourcing company.

Cost Savings

This is the primary benefit and reason why companies venture into Outsourcing. The resources, expertise and technology needed to support a variety of business requirements are provided at a cost significantly lower than doing it in-house.

Ease of Commerce

Outsourcing provides effective business solutions that will empower companies to grow their business exponentially with ease, plus, by outsourcing non-core activities and support, businesses are able to focus more on their core expertise so they can develop new products and services than can help them in the future.

Outsourcing The Right Way!

Essentially, outsourcing is beneficial for firms of all sizes but it is also important for companies to outsource their work the right way! These days outsourcing services are either provided by individuals aka freelancers or white-label agencies. Now, what is the right choice can be determined through a comparative analysis of both the services providers.



Agencies tend to cost a bit more than freelancers due to the variety of resources that they provide to their clients. All of agency projects involve planning, strategy, promotion, and analytics.

Very Good


Freelancers can save you money because they are cheap, but there's always a catch. Cheap offers usually mean compromise on the quality of work.

Very Good

With an agency you communicate with a highly organized structure having strong inner connections.You'll be provided with all updates in time, so it is easy to monitor the working progress and make corrections.



In case of a freelancer you communicate with the dealer directly. Which means no project management and documentation that usually results in discrepancies & misunderstanding.


When it comes to quality an agency has an undoubted advantage. Due to the departmental structure, the work gets checked and rechecked to assure quality.



With a freelance structure, there is only one individual who is responsible for the quality assurance. So, the structure is comparative riskier when it comes to quality.


Due to the structured documentation in the agencies, the confidentiality is the least of worry for the clients. These documents entail an NDA that abides them to uphold confidentiality.



The concept of confidentiality unfamiliar to freelancers. They tend to share the project on their portfolios & even if the client enforces the confidentiality, it is disregarded due to the lack of any company structure.


Agencies have a logical fear of failure, since it could endanger their contracts, reputation and, subsequently, trustworthy relation with clients. Therefore, Doing their best to meet the deadlines & they have workforce to do so.


Timely Completion

Due to the lack of workforce, freelancers face trouble when it comes to meeting the deadlines and because of this the structure the project could suffer.


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